With a new operating system means new everything. BlackBerry 10 has new ringtones, settings, and of course fonts. Every operating system comes with a pre-selected font. BlackBerry 10’s being called Slate.

Each font is hand-made by a typeface designer. Slate was designed by a 66yr old from Nova Scotia, Rod McDonald.

“Having talked to a few people in the company, when they were developing the Z10, they were casting about looking for typefaces for the interface, and as I understand it, they narrowed it down to two — mine and a typeface from a U.S. company,” McDonald said. “And, in the end, they decided that Slate was the better typeface for their purposes.”

Since BlackBerry choosing his font, it has inspired McDonald to press on and explore new ideas for typefaces. “It’s a vindication, really, because often when you work on things like this, you may have an idea in mind, but you’re never quite sure if it really works or not. So until you see it used in an application like a BlackBerry, then you go, ‘OK, hey, that works.’”

via Chronicle Herald