If you’re a BlackBerry Storm 1 owner you’ve probably heard the good news that an OS 5.0 release will become official very soon. We were just tipped that it appears there is some confusion going on in Verizon. One screen shows OS releasing for the Storm, while another shows OS So, which one is it?

Here is a screen capture taken today that is still showing the official OS 5.0 to be releasing on Sunday October 25th, with a time-stamp of 6pm! Why hasn’t this been updated to show it on Monday, like we’ve apparently seen?

Might have seen a similar looking pic like this on CrackBerry. It seems this page has not been updated to show it releasing on Monday. This image was taken today!
So what is going on here. Is it going to be OS or .328 and will it be releasing Sunday or Monday? Guess we’ll find out tomorrow! lol.