There is a new service available to BlackBerry users that will help them take charge of their own personal safety. StreetSafe is a service that turns your BlackBerry smartphone into a security system that provides help in any situation before becoming an emergency. Some of the features include:

  • Walk With Me: When activated, it instantly connects you with a trained Safety Advisor who will help you and alert the police if needed.
  • Silent Alarm: When triggered, it instantly dispatches emergency help to your exact GPS coordinates.

Sadly we live in a very unsafe world and you can never be too careful. This service can provide with the extra safety that you might need right on your BlackBerry. For more info check out the press release below or visit

Press Release




CHICAGO, IL (August 16, 2012) PeopleGuard, one of the fastest growing players in the security industry, announced today that their unique mobile personal security service, StreetSafe, is now available for Blackberry 7, continuing its commitment to supporting next generation devices and platforms.

StreetSafe turns smart phones into highly effective personal security devices by combining wireless networks with GPS technologies and a state-of-the-art safety network and database.  It is the only service that connects the subscriber to a live, highly trained personal Safety Advisor each time the service is activated. StreetSafe Safety Advisors, who supervise the call center, are active off-duty police officers who are trained to handle emergency situations.

“In addition to being available to more consumers, it also makes our corporate plans more accessible to companies who wish to protect their employees,” said Tom Rissman, CEO of PeopleGuard, LLC. “As technology evolves, so do our services, because we are acutely aware that even when diligent, there are times when an extra measure of protection is the difference between becoming a victim and getting to your destination safely.”

StreetSafe works on smart phones on any carrier network from virtually all major manufacturers, including Blackberry 5, 6 and 7; iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S; Android 1.6 and above; and Windows Phone 7.

“Evidence shows that crime is linked to the economic climate — economic stress can cause an increase in criminal behavior,” added Marcia Peot, Chief Safety Officer, StreetSafe.  “We are seeing some evidence of this in cities like Chicago, creating an urgent need for safety services to be available to as many people as possible, on as many types of devices as possible.”


StreetSafe Features – More than a Call for Help

Walk with Me is a personal security escort. Slide the green button to be connected to a live Safety Advisor, who will stay on the line until the subscriber reaches their destination safely. If help is needed right away, but the subscriber is unable to dial 911, they can activate the Silent Alarm, and StreetSafe will contact the local 911 center with your location and personal profile data. No other action is required.

Offering more than just a call for help, StreetSafe will continue to track the subscriber’s location through GPS, relaying their position to the authorities and transmitting vital information such as age, physical description and any medical conditions, so that help can find them quickly.

StreetSafe is not a tracking service and maintains its subscribers’ privacy at all times.

Access to StreetSafe is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Simply register, choose a plan, create a profile and download the StreetSafe app to your smart phone. Several affordable subscription plans are available, including individual, family, and corporate plans.

About StreetSafe

Based in Chicago, Illinois, StreetSafe is designed and manufactured by PeopleGuard, one of the fastest growing players in the security industry. StreetSafe recently won the 2011 Vision Award, which is awarded to a company that has shown the most visionary application and forward-thinking use of the Interactive Intelligence solutions.  To order a subscription or for more information visit