A new app ideal for learning a new language, and for general studying and revising has released for BlackBerry. BrebsFlash Flashcards app makes it easy for you to study a particular program. some of the features include:

  • Download decks from www.FlashcardExchange.com and www.StudyStack.com
  • Cards can be edited while in the middle of studying.
  • Ability to search for text, while studying.
  • Can include a “side” field, and titles for any of the question, answer and side.
  • One or several decks can be selected to be included together, mixed in a test.
  • Font size can be changed on-the-fly, per deck.
  • Questions can include a picture.
  • Question can be blank, to have a full-screen picture as the question.
  • Question and answer text can be switched (to show the answer as the question), while testing.
  • Automatically resizes pictures appropriately, bearing in mind the height of the question text.
  • Automatically resizes question and answer text if they are too big together for the screen.
  • Pre-loads the picture on the next card, to minimize delays.
  • Automatically checks for missing picture files, when a deck is opened.
  • Optimized for fast, user-friendly operation.
BrebsFlash is available for BlackBerry devices OS 4.5 and up. You can get BrebsFlash for $5.99 in BlackBerry App World here.