Some of you may remember last month my wife and I welcomed our first child.  One of the first items we were told we needed was a baby monitor. I decided to do some research and get one that fits our needs the most. One of the main features I looked for was the support for a mobile app. I wanted to have the option to peek in and look at my little one when I am at work or out of the house. After a long search I came across a brand new product from Summer Infant called the Peek Plus Monitor. The monitor system itself sells for 349.99 exclusively at Babies R Us. I originally thought the price was outrageous but looking at other less capable monitors I realized the price was more than fair.

The Peek Plus monitor system came with a camera, an internet router and a handheld monitor. Also, you can download the app on your smartphone, whether you have a BlackBerry, Android or iOS. Installation is quite simple, just set up your camera, connect the Internet router to your existing Wi-Fi router then visit the website and create your account. Once completed you can enjoy your bundle of joy from anywhere! Another cool thing is that if family is not near by, they can too check in and see how your little one is doing.

I really love this item and I wanted to share with you and also remind you that even with the bad press and all the doom and gloom surrounding BlackBerry we do have apps and companies still see a need to support our plattform. And remember this,  “IT WILL ONLY GET BETTER WITH BB10”