Starting today we will begin our new Sunday contest we will have every week. Each contest we will give away themes, apps, and other great prizes. Here is our first contest:

We’re giving way 20 copies of Radio Saver!

“Greatly extend your battery life with Radio Saver! Do you live, work, or play in an area with bad service? Ever see how quickly having bad service can kill your battery? Let Radio Saver intelligently manage your radio for you saving battery in the process.

Unlike other similar products, Radio Saver is the only app to intelligently monitor your service and automatically handle turning your radio off and on for you–no need for preset timers which cause you to miss calls and emails even when you are in areas of full service!

Give-a-way Guidelines:

  • Register on our forums and make 2 quality posts.
  • Once you’ve posted in the forums, please make a comment to this post, signaling that you’ve completed all-the-above.
  • Please include your e-mail address you’d like Radio Saver sent to in your comment

The first 20 to do just that gets a free copy of Radio Saver!