BlackBerry Jam Americas is upon us!  And if you happen to be in San Jose this week, you can tell.  The streets are lined with BlackBerry Jam signs, and the hotels are filling up with developers and press.  Even though the main event doesn’t officially start until Tuesday, Research in Motion is getting things started early with one of their famous BlackBerry Jam Sessions, known as “super hackathons”.

These are app-building power sessions, where developers get together and build apps all in one day.  RIM is also providing the best working environment and support for developers to build the high-quality apps that you’ll find on BlackBerry 10.  This includes one-on-one support, free coffee, breakfast, pizza, and even Red Bull while developers pound away at future BlackBerry apps.  Developers can will prizes for their apps at the end of the hackathon as well.  These super hackathons are a sign of RIM’s new proactive approach to developer support.

Making the app development process as easy as possible lets developers make apps quicker and better than they would otherwise be, a win for us BlackBerry users. As for the developers, RIM is working on rewarding developers for the hard work they put into their apps so they can continue to update and build new apps for BlackBerry.  We can’t wait to see the amazing apps coming from the super hackathon in San Jose!