If you’re on BBM and you haven’t
heard or downloaded the smash tune from SwinDoe “BLKBerry”
then your device has been deprived. Ever since the 5.0 release, it has
been the BB theme song to say the least. With the constant upgrades
and new versions of software, its only right that your music player
get a remix as well. SwinDoe released the much anticipated “BLKBerry
2.0” to his BBM family First! If ya thought it couldn’t get better,
it just did. Google SwinDoe and discover he’s much more than a jingle
rapper. His music deals with social/global issues like immigration,
relationships, political agendas and the collapsing of hip hop. Leading
up to his January 25, 2010 album release, “Hop-Turn-A-Tive”,
Swin will be showcasing his acting and writing talents with two mini
movies, “In & Out” and “Equal” which both won
best drama in film festivals in 2009. He continues to exploded the “box”
and deliver the soundtrack for everyday life. Keep up with SwinDoe by
following him on twitter (@swindoe) or login on to his mobile friendly
site www.swindoe.com