While the Carrier IQ debacle unfolds, RIM has made their statement saying that they do not support the service. RIM says they do not previously install the Carrier IQ service, but never mentioned it is up to the carriers if they want. T-Mobile has recently stated they use the Carrier IQ service, but do not “obtain the content of text, email or voice messages, or the specific destinations of customers’ internet activity”.

Currently, T-Mobile uses Carrier IQ on the BlackBerry Torch 9810, Curve 9360, and Bold 9900. T-Mobile claims they use the Carrier IQ software for the following purposes:

  • Battery performance: If a customer’s device battery appears not to be holding a charge, T-Mobile can determine if the issue is the battery, charger or device
  • Dropped calls: If a customer attempts to make a call and the call fails, T-Mobile can determine whether the cause was the handset or the network
  • Application failures: If a customer uses an application, preinstalled or downloaded from a third-party marketplace, and the app fails, T-Mobile will be able to troubleshoot that app failure, which may be perceived by the customer to be the device freezing/crashing
How do you feel about knowing the Carrier IQ service is running on your T-Mobile BlackBerry? Are you concerned for privacy issues?