T-Mobile USA CEO has finally heard the call. While many carriers seem to think BlackBerry users are a subset of a subset and not worth the same attention as Android and iOS users, there is one truth that cannot be ignored. As BlackBerry users we are hyperconnected, we are social and above all we are loyal.

#TeamBlackBerry deserves respect and consideration from ALL carriers, and while myself and others have taken to the Twittersphere, emails and even phone calls to voice our distaste for the sleezy direct marketing, John Legere has realized the error of his teams ways.

Yesterday, I left T-Mobile for AT&T, in disgust of their tactics and now the T-Mobile CEO is backpedaling to cover his team’s blatant disregard for BlackBerry users–trolling us in order to sell their excess iPhone inventories.

The T-Mobile CEO has tweeted out this message to BlackBerry users,


It’s a good start, for sure, but it’ll require some action on T-Mobile’s part to appease the angry BlackBerry users that Magenta has insulted. Let’s see what Legere can come up with for us.