T-Mobile Continues Trolling BlackBerry Users – Emails Them To Switch To An iPhone 5s

T-Mobile Continues Trolling BlackBerry Users – Emails Them To Switch To An iPhone 5s

T-Mobile claims the continue to support BlackBerry. They were quick to answer when we wrote about the lack of BlackBerry 10 devices in stores or online (they’ve actually put the Q10 back online in case you want to order one), but apparently the subtle trolling hasn’t stopped. T-Mobile has been sending emails to their customers with the subject “Great Offer for BlackBerry customers.” Upon reading that, you’d think, “hey, maybe they’ll offer me the Q10, or even some news about a Z30 being available!” Nope, T-Mobile wants you to ditch your BlackBerry and switch to an iPhone as pictured above. According to the email, Magenta thinks the iPhone 5s has the tools you need “to do more.”

Now, it’s not uncommon for a carrier to email promotions to its customers, obviously. What irks me from this though is that it looks to be specifically targeted at BlackBerry users only, and it’s meant to have them switch to an iPhone 5s, not one of the new BlackBerry 10 smartphones they carry themselves. So, what gives T-Mobile? Why have you been giving BlackBerry the cold shoulder recently?

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