BlackBerry hasn’t gotten the greatest support from U.S. carriers this past year, and it seems that trend is only getting worse with T-Mobile. Unlike AT&T, whose CEO publicly backed BlackBerry’s latest turnaround attempt, T-Mobile seems to have no interest in helping out the Canadian company. Not only does Magenta not carry any BlackBerry 10 devices in stock at most, if not all, of their stores, but it seems now, they’ve even taken down their availability online too.

N4BB’s own, Niko Giannopoulos, checked this morning, and alerted me to this change when he was trying to buy a new device from T-Mobile directly online. Unfortunately if you try, and search ‘BlackBerry’ the screenshot above is what you will get. They have one BlackBerry device for sale, and it’s a Curve 9315. Let that sink in for a moment. A Curve 9315. We called T-Mobile directly to see if we could buy a BlackBerry 10 device over the phone, and were told they no longer sell them.

T-Mobile, you’re doing so many great things in the wireless industry, but if you don’t support BlackBerry, I don’t think I can support you.

We’ve reached out to T-Mobile for comment, and will update accordingly.

[Update 1/10/14 – 2:58pm EST] 

T-mobile has finally responded to our article with a statement on how you, the customer, can get them.

“T-Mobile continues to support the Blackberry platform. Current T-Mobile customers can buy BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 devices online at, through Care and B2B sales channels. New customers can order the smartphones via direct ship at T-Mobile retail channels or through telesales.

The T-Mobile retail channel has moved to fulfillment via direct ship for BlackBerry devices, rather than in-store inventory.”

In essence, T-Mobile still supports BlackBerry, but not necessarily in the most public manner. Unfortunately at this time, it’s up to the customer to dig and look for ways of getting a BlackBerry 10 device because it’s not going to be obvious. still does not show any BlackBerry 10 devices for sale when you search for them without logging in. On top of that, from our inquiries, in-store, and telesales reps have no idea they can sell me a BlackBerry 10 smartphone until you, the consumer, point out they can direct ship the device to you. And of course, there’s the public stance from T-Mobile on social media that they don’t even have them.

T-Mobile No BB10


T-Mobile does itself no favors with tweets like that one. Yeah, they’ll sell you a BlackBerry 10 device, but you better know how to ask for it, and where to look because they’re not going to make it easy for you.