T-Mobile was caught red-handed trying to sway BlackBerry customers to the iPhone 5S. The backlash from the BlackBerry community has been overwhelming for T-Mobile.

BlackBerry CEO, John Chen, even went on the defensive and issued an official statement. T-Mobile assured the BlackBerry community that they planned to make it up to them.

Today’s that day. T-Mobile has announced their “Un-carrier + BlackBerry = One Sweet Deal” deal:

[quote_box_center]“Starting this Friday, we’re offering $200 credit toward a new device when you trade in your current BlackBerry and upgrade to one of the latest, greatest devices. Purchase any device we offer at T-Mobile. It’s that simple. Bring in your old, working BlackBerry and we’ll give you $200 toward a new BlackBerry or any of our other state-of-the-art smartphones.i In addition, for those existing T-Mobile BlackBerry customers trading-in and choosing a new BlackBerry Q10 or Z10, we’re offering an ADDITIONAL $50 off the purchase price of that new BlackBerry. These offers will be available for a limited time.

With our new $200 trade-in offer, combined with our Contract Freedom program (which pays off your early termination fees when you switch to T-Mobile and trade-in your eligible device), that’s a pretty sweet deal for any BlackBerry user. Whoever your current carrier may be.ii There has never been a better time for BlackBerry users to switch to T-Mobile.

As I mentioned above, if you’re a BlackBerry user and already with T-Mobile, we’re going to sweeten the deal even more. Simply trade in your current working BlackBerry and get an extra $50 toward a new BlackBerry 10 device. That’s a total of $250 toward a beautiful new BlackBerry Q10 or Z10 or $200 toward any other device. Got a working BlackBerry 6820 (or other retro-cool BlackBerry) you’re ready to part with? Bring it in and upgrade to your new dream machine. Boom.”[/quote_box_center]

Check out the further details of the promotion on the T-Mobile USA blog here.