Ever been stuck at the bar just waiting to pay your bill.  There must be a better way.  Well, the guys over at Taab are developing a new NFC payment system to speed things up.  No more fumbling with cash, credit/debit cards or anything like that to split the bill.  With Taab, you can split the bill with friends and share items with just a tap using an NFC-enabled smartphone.

The app is already available for BlackBerry 7 and Android.  Yet more recently, they’re super excited about the Dev Alpha’s capabilities and are developing it for BlackBerry 10.  Are you excited to see Taab come to BlackBerry 10?

Let’s support their BlackBerry 10 development of Taab by voting for them in the MintChip challenge hosted by the Royal Canadian Mint!   http://mintchipchallenge.com/submissions/9458-taab