With about two weeks left in the public voting stage of the MintChip Challenge, taab (a future BlackBerry 10 application) is in the lead!  With 1351 votes as of this morning, taab has managed to pull ahead by a small margin thanks to your votes.  It’s great not only to see such enthusiasm for apps designed for novel ideas in currency, but also to have a  BlackBerry 10 app in the lead over all other apps!

These guys support BlackBerry 10 all the way.  You can check out their blog, detailing their support for the new BlackBerry 10 platform (and current BlacBerry 7 one as well!) here.

Also, keep in mind that you can actually vote more than once; everyday to be exact.  That means you can still vote for taab (a vote for them is a vote for BlackBerry 10)!  As BlackBerry people who know how to get things done, it’s in our best interest to have a BlackBerry 10 developer succeed so that we can help grow the next generation in mobile computing.  Thanks again to all who voted!

You can vote for them (again) here.

Just in case you’re wondering though, there are two other BlackBerry apps competing in the MintChip challenge.   Apps such as QRossfire and Bill Splittr need some love from our community too.  Don’t be afraid to vote for them as well!