Research In Motion recently announced they will unveil the first two BlackBerry 10 phones on January 30th, 2013. Production for the BlackBerry 10 phones are expected to begin with Taiwan-based handset component makers including Silitech Technology, Ichia Technologies, and ODM Wistron.

These component makers are said to begin small volume production of BlackBerry 10 phones in December. Sources on the matter say RIM plans to release two BlackBerry 10-based models initially and will then source handset components such as keypads and chassis from Silitech and Ichia, while subcontracting assembly to Wistron.

Although, word on the street is that handset suppliers are cautious about building up components for BlackBerry products. You may recall RIM had a surplus in BlackBerry PlayBook inventory, which ultimately led to cuts in its retail pricing.

via Digitimes