Always busy and don’t have time to answer calls? Or, you just want to relax for a little while? Talk To You Later by i-Mentalist looks to help you manage your time away from your BlackBerry. When ever you are not able to answer the call or you reject it, you’ll see a pop-up screen from where you are able to select one of your predefined messages to send to a caller.

Features of Talk To You Later include:

  • Add any number of messages to select from
  • Autoresponder with timer
  • Notification icon when Autoresponder is ON
  • Autoresponder TXT reply message
  • Autoresponder posts on social networks and BBM
  • Junk numbers
  • Import/Export your messages
  • History (who received TXT from you and when)
  • Export T2YL history to CSV

The autoresponder of Talk To You Later packs a couple of different features. Set autoresponder and Talk To You Later will automatically stop incoming calls and send text messages to callers. Not only that – If you want to, autoresponder will also let people know you are not available by posting on Twitter, Facebook and/or BBM. Talk To You Later is available in BlackBerry App World for only $0.99.