Talking Tom Gold Run: Cheats and Strategies

Before Talking Tom Gold Run, there was Talking Tom.

Talking Tom is likely one of the most epic apps to ever grace the earliest generations of tablets. In many ways, it was able to help the earlier era of tablets survive what could have been a disastrous stage — when the apps available were still limited and all the good ones can still be downloaded in one device without the need for more space.


During this crucial time, Talking Tom was the ultimate boredom killer when users no longer had anything productive to do with their devices, and it’s probably safe to say that there is a likelihood that tablets may not have weathered the storm characterized by lack of decent applications to download — had it not been for the compelling entertainment that apps like Talking Tom were there to offer.

But just like many apps in its category, it wasn’t long before users grew tired of the app.

Slowly, Talking Tom started fading away.

Only to return in the grandest way ever possible — in the form of Talking Tom Gold Run.

In the earlier days when Apple’s iOS devices first rose to fame, a game called ‘Temple Run’ got the world’s attention. The app had a good run for about two consecutive installments before it, too, started fading away.

But could it be possible that a fusion of two apps that were extremely successful in the past can be just as successful in the present?

It obviously can, because here you are looking for the best Talking Tom Gold Run cheats and strategies, clearly captivated by a game that’s more like a blast from the past — like Talking Tom and Temple Run combined.

So, without further ado, here are some Talking Tom Gold Run cheats and strategies for you.

Things to hoard

In Talking Tom Gold Run, there are several things that you might want to collect — and you might want to collect as many of them as you possibly could.


One of the most important things to look out for in this game are the precious golds. Though there are other things that players can collect, but golds are undoubtedly the ones that are more useful to players, as these are practically currency in the game.

Football helmet

Because Talking Tom Gold Run is an endless runner game, it’s best to keep Tom’s safety in mind. You can secure Tom by getting him a football helmet, which should protect him whenever he gets knocked over because of an obstacle — or at least during the first time that this happens to him with the helmet still on.

2x multiplier

Because you will want to have as much gold as you can in this game, having a 2x multiplier will work wonders for you. Through the 2x multiplier, you get to boost your gold intake by, say, about two times.



Picking up a magnet means you won’t have to chase golds. The golds will chase you.

You can also take a ride on an airplane to get a chance to collect more of these precious things.

What to do with all the gold

There are a bunch of reasons why you would want to collect all the golds that you can get in this game.

Here are some of them:


Golds are used to unlock the much-coveted upgrades to your beloved home. As you upgrade, you boost your score multiplier in the process — which means you just keep getting closer to your next upgrade.


Vaults are something you can also get using the golds you’ve painstakingly collected. You get a lot of bonuses just by getting a vault, and these bonuses often include different premium currencies, dynamites, and more golds.

Just to let you know, however — you get a free vault every after 8 hours. So you might want to reserve your golds for something more important.

Upgrading Tom

Upgrading Tom and his friends has various perks to it, so this is something that you might want to do whenever you get the chance. The only problem is that it might take a while for you to get to your next upgrade, so it would be best to stick with one upgrade that’ll benefit your character the most and wait ’til your upgrade is powerful enough before proceeding to get a different one.

Not upgrading fast enough? Watch advertisements or use the airplane boost to speed up the process.

Do you have any more Talking Tom Gold Run cheats and strategies that we know nothing about? Let us know in the comments below!