It’s inevitable that people would take the BlackBerry Z10 and hold it under a microscope while comparing it to the big dogs in the smart phone industry, and even though I still think Android and Apple are not really BlackBerry’s direct competition, it’s still fun to compare the three operating systems to each other and see how they stack up.

I’ve already seen a couple lists floating around the internet that mention a few things that BlackBerry 10 can do that the competition can’t, but what exactly does that mean? Well I present to you a list of five tasks that you can tackle on BlackBerry 10 that would be less than easy to accomplish on either Android, iOS, or both.


1. Take good pictures of children and pets

I don’t have any kids, but I do have three dogs who I like to consider my children. Every now and then I want to snap a few photos of them to share on Facebook or send to family members so they can be annoyed and ask me when I’m finally going to find a nice girl and start a real family, but man those little dogs move around so much! I hear children are the same way. I don’t know yet, as my mother loves to point out.

Thanks to Time Shift on BlackBerry 10, I can get my dogs (or children, if you prefer) to at least look in my direction long enough snap a series of photos. Then I can choose which one looks best and save it. Check out this great picture of my puppy that I snapped with Time Shift! If my mother happens to read this, I’m sure she’ll love that I used the dog and not my nonexistent children.

Video thumbnail for youtube video BlackBerry Z10 BBM Video Screen Share Commercial Airs from Verizon Wireless - N4BB2. Annoy your boss while they’re on vacation

We’ve all seen the Verizon commercial that shows an overachieving employee using BBM Video and Screen Share to keep her boss updated on her progress, even though the boss in on vacation. This is just one of the many examples of how this great feature that you won’t find on iOS or Android can really get people to hate you. No wait I mean really help you advance in your career. Yeah that sounds better. Let’s go with that. There are many other ways Screen Share can help you out too. Off the top of my head I think about troubleshooting or teaching a new user some of the other great features of BlackBerry 10.

3. Keep your charger at home

It seems as though having a removable battery is a fading commodity. The original iPhone started the fad, and it took a few years, but some Android phones have followed down that path. I’m not sure what the evolutionary advantage of not being able to remove your battery is, but if Apple does it, it’s got to be right. Thankfully BlackBerry decided to take the road not traveled by and opted to keep their battery removable.


I have a spare battery on for my Z10 that I carry with me everywhere. Usually about two thirds through the day I’ll be running low on battery. Well I’m not always near an outlet, and I don’t always have a charger in my pocket, so all I have to do is swap batteries and I’m good for the rest of the day! BlackBerry even has an accessory that allows you to charge your spare battery while it’s in your pocket.

4. Watch your dogs chase each other on your TV

The first video I recorded with my Z10 was shortly after I got back from the unveiling in New York. I took my three lovely dog children outside for a walk and laughed at myself when the puppy (pictured above) began to orbit me like a planetary body around the sun. I then went upstairs and immediately plugged my Z10 up to my TV and chuckled heartily at the hilarious antics of my little child. The next time I had friends over I very quickly showed them, and they did an excellent job at pretending to care. I have great friends. Actual human friends. Apple products have yet to implement an HDMI port that connects your iPhone to your TV, however I’m sure there’s an adapter out there somewhere.

tumblr_mjdqxtTuc51rkpm0uo1_12805. Update Facebook, text your boss, surf the web, and play Angry Birds… At the same time!

My boss believes that it’s impossible for a person to multitask. “You’re not multitasking; you’re just doing three things horribly.” Well she uses an iPhone, so we can understand why she thinks that. Both Android and iOS have a weird understanding of what multitasking really is. You’re not multitasking if you have to close one app to open another, or if you minimize your YouTube video and it stops playing, or if your music completely stops when you get a message notification. These are things I’ve seen on both operating systems. While it could be argued that these are strengths, I would say to you they are drawbacks. BlackBerry has a true understanding of multitasking, and it’s evident with features like Peek, Flow, and the Hub. If you carry an Android or Apple device, I strongly encourage you to sample these feature out by going to and see how fluid and intuitive the user interface actually is.

What simple tasks have you done on your Z10 that you’re friends on iOS and Android can’t seem to do? Let me know in the comments below! I have a few more things I could very easily add to the list; maybe your task will find itself on there!