Worried about how the radiation your phone emits will affect your health, or maybe hoping it’ll turn you into some kind of Superman? Well you don’t have to worry anymore! Tawkon released back in May an app that would monitor your phone’s radiation and notifies you of high radiation levels. The application also suggests ways you can lower the radiation from your phone in order to help you avoid any health risks.

More features are:

  • Predictive Mode allows you to preview your potential exposure prior to making a call, based on current conditions, such as your location on their “radiation zones” map. This is displayed to the user with easy to understand colour-coded signs, ie: green for minimal exposure to radiation.
  • Call Mode monitors your current conditions while in a call, providing intelligent solutions and feedback, such as engaging speaker-phone, or moving back to a previously “safer” location.
  • Statistics – The app also features a full set of statistical data tools, showing you how much radiation you have avoided by using the apps suggestions, accumulation of radiation, and radiation during the last call.

Check out the video below to learn a little more about the app:

Tawkon now has a free, ad-supported version available for download! Those who wouldn’t pay the $9.99 price, which is currently at $4.99, have the chance to get the app for free. There is also a trial version available of the ad-free app, so make sure you give it a try and let us know your thoughts!

Download Tawkon trial or full ad-free version >>

Download Tawkon free ad-supported version >>