Team BlackBerry, here’s an opportunity for you to help a fellow BlackBerry lover in need. Morten Lindstrom, developer and BB Elite, has been faced with some trouble – his wife, Nicole, was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia not too long ago. Her condition was stable at first but has now gone from bad to worse. She is now in need of treatment, available in the United States. Morten has managed to raise $250,000 for his wife’s treatment.

Nicole, however, is not well enough to travel to the States for her treatment. Morten has approached a local specialist who will make sure she is in a state to travel, but this procedure and the travel requires another $40,000. So far, the BlackBerry community has managed to raise $18,440. In order to help raise the remaining amount, we reach out to you. You can read Morten’s statement below:

Personal message from Morten Lindstrom to #TeamBlackBerry

I’m in a very desperate place now, within 2-3 weeks I must decide whether to accept that my wife will never be recover again and use the funds we have so far to cover medication and care, or to gamble and wait to get all the fund needed so she can live a long life. If we choose to wait, and cannot use the funds for medication now she will progressively be worse every week. I am desperate and open for any suggestions. I don’t want to lose my wife…

Our message to the #TeamBlackBerry community

We have decided to do one more attempt to reach the target, by reaching out to everybody who has generously donated already. If everybody could do what they already have done, one more time, Nicole’s life will be saved.Otherwise, we will lose the battle. Wewill need help again from all of you, more this time than before.

This is our very last chance, and we need to do things at the same time in all media. We are the strongest community one could ask for, can’t allow ourselves to lose this battle.

We have also established an additional Fundraiser page which allows for people to donate also by using their PayPal account. As such, we have extended the fundraiser until November 10, 2014.

(Link to the fundraiser page: