Tether let us know that they have lowered the price for their popular BlackBerry app. Here’s what they had to say about the changes:

After almost 3 years on the market, our team felt it was time to re-evaluate our pricing. Tether has now lowered it’s pricing to $29.95 after some extensive price testing.

Even though the market has changed dramatically in the past 3 years our sales remain strong, even with several competitors entering the space, decline in BlackBerry and carriers strong-arming the blockage of Tethering apps.  Our product is still the fastest on the market and that is why over 500,000 users have relied on our software.

With the lowering of our pricing we expect to convert more users on our various channels. New users can buy Tether directly off our website, on BlackBerry Appworld, Android Marketplace or off Mobihand.”

You can now get Tether in the N4BB App Store for only $29.99, check it out here.