Mobile Telecommunications Technologies, LLC, a company based in Lewisville, Texas says that Research In Motion has infringed on several of their patents. The company says they own a portfolio of former SkyTel Communications technology, and RIM infringes on five patents.

Mobile Telecommunications Technologies, LLC says the patents cover several software functions including those that store and resend undelivered data messages, that handle call back numbers, and which allow a server to process extra-large emails. The BlackBerry calendar also allegedly infringes a patent that covers pre-written messages.

The company seeks an injunction against RIM’s use of the technology and unspecified damages. The patents were apparently registered between 1996 and 1999, and Mobile Telecommunications Technologies, LLC claims they were pioneers in wireless communications “and [are] credited with launching the world’s first two-way wireless paging service, dubbed SkyTel 2-Way.” Of course, Mobile Telecommunications Technologies, LLC jut now wants to sue RIM after all this time.

via TheStar