Thalmic Labs is the hot new startup in Waterloo, Canada. Thalmic Labs is the company behind the Myo, a gesture controlled armband.

Today, the company has announced the addition of Dennis Kavelman, former CFO and Co-COO at BlackBerry, to its Board of Directors. Kavelman joins the board alongside Stephen Lake, CEO and co-founder of Thalmic Labs, and Nabeel Hyatt, Venture Partner at Spark Capital.

“I am amazed by technology that Thalmic Labs has developed and pleased to become a part of its board,” says Kavelman. “The company has created an alternative input device that is worn on the forearm, enabling muscle sensors to understand your gestures, letting you use your hands to play video games, flip through slides or screens, or turn up music. I’m excited to be a part of the innovation that is yet to come.”

Thalmic Labs is continuing to grow its team while it continues to accept pre-orders at We’ve even seen another former BlackBerry employee, Alex Kinsella, make the transition to Thalmic Labs.

The company started shipping Alpha Myo units to developers in late 2013 and will be shipping final Myo units to pre-order customers in mid-2014.