MiPar Designs recently released their newest theme, Berruss S and we got out hands on it to give you good folks a quick review. While themes are subjective based on the user, I will try to take an objective look at this new theme.

First off is the homescreen. This one provides plenty of style while still being quite simple to use. The obvious stand out is the rich font used on the time and date which really makes the statement of the theme. The red bar on the top is selected to open the new connections screen and looks very natural in the theme. There are 7 icons on the homescreen; however, only 4 are user definable. The bottom 3 launch phone, applications and BBM. There is not icon focus for the top four icons but rather a small red dot. This looks nice but can be somewhat hard to see with a quick glance. The bottom 3 icons do not have any sort of clear icon focus which can make it somewhat difficult.

Berruss S still suffers from some of the limitations of Theme Builder 6 with some icons being cut off (as shown in the top image on the gps icon). Aside from that the theme is very clean and consistent and gives it a premium feel without completely changing the feel of your device.


  1. Clean and consistent
  2. Useful homescreen



  1. Can’t change bottom 3 icons
  2. No lag

Final Word: Good theme

Berruss S can be purchase from the N4BB Store for $3.99.

N4BB [rating:3.5]

For more information or to purchase click here.