We’re hearing that themes will become a thing of the past once BlackBerry 10 is rolled out. The theme ‘industry’ was once a booming business for some BlackBerry developers. Though, as time goes on, change becomes necessary for proper adaptation.

The main reason themes will not be available on BlackBerry 10 is due to the unique UI and UX. Themes could dramatically interfere with the cohesive UI flow. Unless, all you wanted were app icons to be different. But that’s hardly a theme anyway.

What then can BlackBerry theme developers do? Developing themes will still be available on legacy BlackBerry devices, with the previous Theme Builders. To continue your graphic skills on BlackBerry the option of developing apps with Cascades is a perfect choice.

Not only is there more profit involved by developing an app, but you can continue to make use of your graphic design abilities. If you’d like to get started with Cascades, here are some helpful links: