A lot of big news for Research In Motion in the last 24hrs. Thorsten Heins gave a conference call to investors this morning. On the call, Heins outlined parts of what he will focus on with his new CEO and Presidential role. One staple point made on the inquiry of ‘How much of old leadership will be in your leadership?’, Heins added that he would entertain the idea of licensing the BlackBerry OS to 3rd parties. This comes after it was rumored that RIM had been in talks with Samsung, HTC and others to license out the BlackBerry 10 OS. However, Heins added that licensing the BlackBerry OS is not a focus.

Heins continued to respond in the Q&A during the conference call where he further discussed his new focus and QNX. When asked ‘What is it about QNX that makes you feel it will be successful?’ Heins replied “QNX is a microkernel OS. It has proven itself. Allows truest multitasking in realtime and it is parallel. The QNX OS is not in a catchup rate. It is already there or a step ahead of the competition.”

Under Heins new management, RIM will be hiring a Chief Marketing Officer. The role of this position will be to “be more geared to consumer market. Listen to customers and listen to trends. Be closer to consumer base, specifically in U.S.” The new CMO role will also help in new marketing efforts for BlackBerry.

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