There are rumors swirling about regarding BlackBerry’s future. One of the rumors includes BlackBerry being up for sale, which the company has allegedly sought since 2012.

If BlackBerry were to be boughten, the company’s Chief Executive Officer Thorsten Heins stands to make $55.6 million. The figure, which includes salary, incentive payments and equity awards, comes from the May proxy filing and is based on BlackBerry’s stock price at the end of the fiscal fourth quarter.

Shares of BlackBerry have surged about 20% since the company announced it would have JP Morgan reviewing all possible options for going private, partnerships, or outright sale.

BlackBerry’s largest shareholder, Prem Watsa, stepped down from the board of directors after only 7 months on the job to mitigate any possible “conflicts of interest” during these trying times. Some analysts have suggested Canada’s ‘Warren Buffet’ might stand to have his private equity firm Fairfax Financial aid in BlackBerry going private.

Nevertheless, if an outright sale is the final action, Heins looks to make a pretty penny if ousted.

via BusinessWeek