Cantech Letters has nominated RIM’s awesome CEO, Thorsten Heins, for the TSX Tech Exec of the Year award! It’s no news that ever since Thor is in control, things at RIM have changed a lot and most of it for the best. We’re so close to the BlackBerry 10 launch, which is a totally new OS and quite a change for the entire BlackBerry community. He’s managed to bring hope back to BlackBerry users and even get the interest of those who didn’t care. Here’s what Cantech Letters said about Thor:

For the first ten months of Thorsten Heins tenure, he endured more doubt and scrutiny and outright ridicule than any rookie CEO should have to suffer. Regardless, Heins plodded on as the delay of RIM’s new BlackBerry 10 platform seemed to stretch to an eternity. But now, with BlackBerry 10 a little more than a month away, critics seem to be understanding that Heins is no shrinking violet. Many analysts have recently reconsidered RIM’s prospects, and decided that the worst case scenario and the most likely scenario are further apart than they first thought.

Make sure you vote for him, he’s already ahead with 90% of the votes! Head over to Cantech Letter to read more about the award and vote for Thorsten Heins.