Research in Motion (RIM) is set to host their “BlackBerry Jam Americas” conference in San Jose on September 25th-27th, drawing thousands of developers to learn everything about making apps for the new BlackBerry 10 platform.   RIM’s CEO, Thorstein Heins will not only be attending the event, but also giving the opening keynote much like in similar events like “BlackBerry Dev Con Europe” a while ago.  This will conclude RIM’s world-wide tour showcasing the tools for the new platform, catering to devs to bring as many apps as possible to the launch of the first BlackBerry 10 smartphone in about 5 months.

Apps from BlackBerry 7 and older won’t work with the new BlackBerry 10 platform. This is why the event is quite important for RIM, as they need populate BlackBerry App World with as many high-quality apps as possible in order to compete with the likes of the industry giants, Apple and Google.

Despite not being the most captivating speaker of all time, Thorsten Heins has come across as a very straight-talking, confident and capable CEO.  His tenure as CEO has strengthened the perception of RIM’s management, which was seen as weak and deluded prior to his promotion.

The opening keynote is where RIM usually announces or unveils new BlackBerry products or services, so the event could make for an exciting watch when Thorsten is onstage.  With only weeks away from the event, do you think Thorsten Heins will reveal the BlackBerry 10 smartphone?   Let us know what you think in the comments below!