We’d like to introduce you to a new feature we’ll be having here on N4BB, and it’s one you’re all familiar with: #TBT, or Throwback Thursday.

We’ll be looking over old school BlackBerry stories that still stick out in our mind from years past, and want to share with all of you. Let’s start off by looking at an old patent from BlackBerry that proves it’s not always hip to be square.

Way back in 2009, N4BB operated under a different moniker. We were known as BBLeaks at the time. On top of being one of the best sources for leaked OS’ for legacy BlackBerry devices, we also had tons of news on potential upcoming smartphones.

One such phone was what we referred to as the BlackBerry Cube. It was a patent made by Research In Motion (BlackBerry’s old company name) that featured a rather… interesting design.

BlackBerry has officially unveiled a first BlackBerry 10 Slider device. Details are quite slim, but the device will have a curved-edged touchscreen. But, how’s this for a BlackBerry Slider?


The Cube was a smartphone that either had dual screen or a very large trackpad. Of course it contained a full Qwerty keyboard, and since it was 2009, it also had a track ball.

From the looks of it, the device slid and folded into itself to form a cube-like shape and had an external screen that would probably function as a way to view incoming calls and messages, as well as time and battery status. Of course this is all speculation based on an old patent filing. Since the device never saw the light of day, we’ll never really know what functionality it had.

bbcube1This past Monday after N4BB Live, Lucas, JT and I stayed on Google Hangouts where we talked about some of the history of Uber Media Group, and Lucas pointed out this unique little design. We had a good little laugh about it, but I couldn’t help think about how innovative and creative BlackBerry has been for so many years.

I think most of us can agree that it’s probably a good idea that this design never found its way out of the planning stage, but if any good can come from it, it’s that BlackBerry isn’t scared to take chances, make risks, and get messy. (cough cough Ms. Frizzle.)

Look at the Passport. Many people thought, myself included, that its design was less than perfect, and it ended up being one of the most successful BlackBerry phones in years. I guess we’ll never know how this phone would have performed if it had seen the light of day.

What do you guys think of the design of this device? Let me know in the comment section below!