Tilt from ReFocus Labs has launched in BlackBerry World today for BB10 users. The application blends ReFocus labs Sidekick contextual engine seen in ARKICK with the amazing Tilt UI concept we saw from BlackBerry Sweden. The application uses sidekick as a conxtextual backend to bring adaptive information to the screen.


The app covers the following: Weather, Priority Notes, Calendar, News, Places, and Battery Stats.

These are sorted by priority and can be automatically and manually refreshed. At start-up the app prompts you through a few panes to see how it works. It’s simple to grasp when going hands on. The app brings forward pertinent data and learns what you hold in priority then sorts it in a gyroscopic sensitive carousel for you.  You can also flip the phone face down to auto refresh the feeds. As well, lock the app to keep the tilt effect off so you can use the app in full off a flat surface. The app is meant for an interactive experience.

Personally can’t wait to see what updates come in the future. Integration with perhaps Remember or BBM updates would be pretty cool and allow an even more immersive, unique BlackBerry 10 experience. This application is available now for $1.99 in BlackBerry world and is a unique treat for the ecosystem and well worth a download.