Refocus Labs have worked with using BlackBerry Sweden’s Tilt UI as presented by Gary Klassen (creator of BBM) at BlackBerry Jam Asia. Additionally Refocus Labs added their contextual backend Sidekick Engine (The same technology used in their award winning app ARKick) to create a new stunning app called Tilt for BlackBerry 10.

Tilt manages your news, priority notes, weather, places, battery stats and calendar. All this information in one place, providing you with a seamless experience.

Adapting to your phone’s gyroscopic orientation you will get the most important information only when you need it. On a table surface the display will be blank, as you tilt it up context blocks will show up according to their priority.

Tilt uses the Sidekick Engine to rearrange the context blocks priority, re-arranging them according to the current context. If the weather is harsh or an event is coming up Sidekick Engine makes sure you know with a clear and confident LED notification.

Check out the video teaser of Tilt above. Be sure to keep an eye out for Tilt, which is launching for BlackBerry 10 on February 11th.