If you haven’t heard of Tinder you’re probably old. But that’s okay, who says an old dog can’t learn new tricks? Popular BlackBerry 10 native developer Oliver Martinez aka Nemory has built the first (and only) Native Tinder client for BlackBerry 10 and it’s available for free, in BlackBerry World.

Tinder is a fun, social application that hinges on connecting with people that share similar interests in your area. Like those elementary games of ‘Pass & Accept’ –  within the application you’ll be presented with a picture of a potentially interesting person and based off your first visual impression you can choose to “Like” someone with a swipe to the right and “Pass” them with a swipe to the left.

* Ability to Skip
* Supports all BlackBerry 10 Devices
* Battery Friendly
* Super Smooth Transitions and Animations
* Super Beautifully Designed User Interface
* Attach and Send Files in Chat
* Like and Pass People
* Send Chat Messages
* Receive a It’s a Match Popup Notification
* Update Profile
* Send SnapChats / Snap2Chat Integration
* Send Voice Notes
* Send your location
* Send Emojis/Emoticons
* Send any type of files powered by DropBox

The backend will match those who have “Liked” each other and allow you to have a direct messaging dialog with them to explore your shared interests.