TIME has put together a pretty interesting top 10 list for smartphone lovers out there. The world-known magazine wanted to know which “fun sized” device not named the iPhone would qualify as the best according to different review and feedback. Since this is a small screen comparison, devices like the Z30 don’t qualify, so it was definitely cool to see the Z10 get the nod as TIME’s #1 choice.

From TIME: “The best of the tiny bunch, the BlackBerry Z10 is the perfect undersized mobile device, with a focus on productivity over chart-bursting specs or millions of apps. Yes, your friend might tease you with a few BlackBerry-based barbs, but let him laugh as he taps away at his Galaxy Mega 6.3. Chances are that giant phablet is compensating for a secret of his own.”

We couldn’t agree more with TIME. If you’re looking for a medium sized screen (I’d say the Q10/Q5 is small, and Z10 is medium), the Z10 is the perfect phone. We’d prefer it if TIME didn’t include the “not named iPhone” part in their comparison, but hey, we’ll take it anyways! Check out the full list at the source link below.