BlackBerry has amassed a remarkably capable app ecosystem with BB10’s BlackBerry World. Thanks mainly in part to inspired devs whose apps have helped unlock so much of the potential and capabilities of the underlying core. Titan Files adds to the fray bringing a deeper level of security for your sensitive files (personal or corporate) and gives you the confidence that those files will be beyond reproach.

Titan Files allows users to hide and encrypt files securely on their BlackBerry 10 devices. By making files inaccessible to other applications Titan Files adds a second layer of security to the world’s most secure mobile OS.

Yes BlackBerry is built to be secure, but the truth is your phone is only as secure as the applications it contains. An app or game could easily ask the user for shared permission and send a users files to a malicious server. Such an application would find it impossible to access files stored within Titan Files.

Furthermore if an attacker did manage to break their way into the application folder, they would find it’s not possible to use or read the files without obtaining the users secure password. Titan Files is secured with AES encryption, AES is the first publicly accessible and open cipher approved by the National Security Agency for top secret information.

In this secure container all your files are encrypted and decrypted as needed, providing optimal security even when handling files that are moving in and out of the app. The UI is very thoughtful and everything is clean and simple. No redundant overflow options or specialized buttons replicating core functions,the app just works, and does so quick and efficiently. While you can’t import entire folders into the vault at once. You can create a .ZIP of said folder and import that into the Titan Files which I found very handy.

Overall for the price you can’t get better than Titan Files. And when you’re data/files really matter what’s a few bucks for the piece of mind the added security layer gives you? What’s more I found myself using the app as a backup File Manager for my important and timely files. Instead of sifting through the thousands of files across the device and media card the secure repository of Titan Files allows me to keep my important paperwork and files in a more localized place, and that keeps me focused as I move through my day.

Titan Files is available in BlackBerry App World at a special reduced price of $0.99 for the next two weeks.