DigitalHomeBoy has made his most beautiful concept BlackBerry design to date with the BlackBerry TK5 Justice. I appreciate all the work that went into the styling of this beautiful phone. Unfortunately, it is a 1) a concept and 2) not actually possible without modifications.

The dimensions of this deice are very appealing with the 66mm width, same as the Bold 9900. This device would do better to learn from the 9790 and have an edge to edge keyboard rather than the small bezel of the 9900. But that is a style choice and I still appreciate it.

While many will praise this design, and as a design it is beautiful, I’m actually here to talk about what is wrong. I hope that DigitalHomeBoy puts his truly amazing skills to use to make a device that is more feasible in design.

First, I must lead off with the Speaker placement at the very top of the device. It is too close to the top of the device. Note the Speaker in the Samsung Galaxy S3, which on the outside we see the silver mesh, but on the inside is this large rectangular box. This is almost at the edge of the device, which is 3 times the height of the small circles for the light/proximity sensors. With this concept design there just isn’t the space to fit 16.1MP Camera, 3.5MP Camera, Speaker, Light & proximity sensors, notification LED, Camera Flash LED, in what appears to be a space of 9mm x 66mm x 8.8mm.

I love the placement of the MicroUSB Micro HDMI and Aux ports on the bottom of the device. That is the optimal placement for those ports in my opinion. But again we are looking at a bottom that has no space for the components. The MicroUSB and MicroHDMI ports obviously need to be bigger than the plugs going into them. The bottom bezel needs approximately 3mm longer from my estimates from the image.

On to the Keyboard, it is completely brilliant. Though, I don’t agree with the need to make the space bar wider. If anything, I’d have appreciated a little more width on the Shift Keys and the 2 additional Keys being the Action Key, and the BlackBerry Menu Key. The Action Key I’d like to see have the ability to remap. I’d like to see the Action Key launch either BBM, The Camera, Twitter, or various other go to tasks that might not have a keyboard shortcut. We’ve lost the second side mounted convenience key long ago, this concept can bring that back!

The TK5 Justice specs:

Very nice specs, except that the Fantastic Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro aka MSM8960T has no need for the MDM9615 as the MSM9615 is a Modem to be used with the MQP8064 or similar SoC’s without on-chip modems.

I’m also not a fan of the screen resolution being 960×720, whereas 720×720 for a PKB device makes more sense. A PKB device does not have a rotating screen when an app developer is making an App for both VKB and PKB devices. With 720×720 they develop the app so that the content is within that square putting extra info to the sides or above/below the 720×720 box. By elongating the screen you’ve made the development harder as you need to develop a landscape app for a VKB device completely different than you would on the PKB, which only offers portrait. RIM’s logic of the square 720×720 is very sound.


I’m always thinking pricing, and I love 2GB of onboard RAM, but 16GB is more than enough with expandable memory. Save the money and put it into R&D! The expandable memory, if it supports “up to 64GB”, would make it MicroSDXC, meaning it has a theoretical capacity of 2TB. I suspect that 128GB cards will see the light of day in 2013.

DigitalHomeBoy has done some great work, my apologies if it seemed I picked it apart. I do wish RIM would look to this concept for the N series device, as the TK5 Justice’s keyboard is much better than the one we’ve seen leaked.

Check out here to see more images and read the write up by DigitalHomeBoy and follow him on twitter @digitalhomeboy