N4BB’s history began with the rising success by one of the greatest smartphone giants the world has ever known: BlackBerry. Our wildly successful fan site saw its inception 6 years ago under the moniker “BBLeaks,” with the primary focus having been on the supply of insider BlackBerry news.

As time progressed, the site expanded its scope of coverage and shifted to adopt the N4BB moniker, emblematic of “News for BlackBerry.” In natural progression, the team behind N4BB felt it necessary to embrace mobile and tech industry coverage as a whole.


N4BB today stands for “News for BlackBerry and Beyond,” paying homage to our roots and symbolizing the expansion of the N4BB team’s tech blogging endeavors. Our excellent, insider coverage of BlackBerry will not change. We will continue to give BlackBerry every bit of coverage as we have before.

In addition to our great content about BlackBerry, we will be expanding to cover an array of topics. However, for strictly BlackBerry-related news, reviews, and more you can view all of it directly on the BlackBerry landing page, found here. Bookmark it.

Nevertheless, it has been a fun ride giving coverage exclusively to BlackBerry. Our love for all things tech has increasingly grown and we’re now eager to share more with you than one topic. Today, marks the evolution of N4BB.