Just started using BlackBerry 10? If you’re like me and are apart of a few BlackBerry Messenger Groups, this little tutorial will be a blessing.

When I first started using BlackBerry 10’s new BBM it was going great. This was until I started using groups that had many users. My BlackBerry Z10 was blowing up.

Vibrating and ringing almost every second. I couldn’t figure out how to stop the madness. Then I discovered the solution.


Unfortunately, BBM Groups do not have dedicated notification settings. Instead, you can toggle them on and off by selecting whether you want the groups messages to be included in the BlackBerry Hub.

This is found within the settings of each specific BBM Group. Click Group settings > click the on / off toggle at the top to include in Hub.

This will stop you from seeing updates in the Hub, but will also silence them until BlackBerry opens up a better management for their notifications.

You can simply go into BBM and see if there have been any updates in the group. Happy chatting!