RIM has officially released BlackBerry Messenger 6.0 for everyone. With the release of the new BBM, come the ability to connect with friends and people around the world through various apps. Here we show you the top 10 BBM connected apps to help you enhance how you socialize.


foursquare helps you explore the world around you. Meet up with friends. Find places to go. Save money with Specials.

While on the go, you can easily tell friends where you are, share pictures, get their comments (“I’m right around the corner, I’ll stop by to say hello”), and get insider tips and reviews (“order the Lobster Ravioli; it’s the best dish by far.”). Tons of places offer discounts and freebies to the foursquare community, and you earn points and badges for doing the things you love. If you want, you can easily post your proudest check-ins to Facebook or Twitter. It’s like the old playground game, four square, but way more fun.


Use Poynt to find businesses, retailers, people, restaurants, movies, gas prices (US only), events and weather information around you. Poynt uses GPS or cell-site location to quickly deliver the information you need, whenever and wherever you need it.
– Find phone numbers, browse websites and map directions with one click
– Reverse look-up missed calls from the BlackBerry® Call log
– Plan a night out without exiting the application – find restaurants, read reviews and make dinner reservations (US/CA/UK only) then watch trailers, view showtimes and buy movie tickets (US/CA only) for a theatre near you or find a local event by venue, performer or nearby
– BlackBerry® Messages notification of movie ticket receipts (US/CA only)
– Add listings to your BlackBerry® Address Book, add movies, restaurants and events to your BlackBerry® Calendar, share listings with friends via email on your BlackBerry®


ScoreMobile is a true mobile application built from the ground up for all BlackBerry® smartphones. We provide up-to-the-minute sports scores, boxscores, player stats, betting odds, game previews, recaps, top stories, and league standings. In addition we publish exclusive live blogs for key games.

Pocket Ants (Ad-Free)

You are king of the ANTS – feeding, squishing, burning, electrocuting, marching, zapping, exploding, fighting, moving, and racing your ants!
Should the ants live in peaceful coexistence or battle to the death? Burn them with a magnifying glass or make them race for food? Blow them away with a land mine? With Pocket Ants the choice is yours.



Jingu for BBM is the fun hang out for all things BBM. Impress your friends with fun emoticons for every occasion OR spice up your BBM profile picture with a cool avatar. We all love BBM, so what are you waiting for? Jump in – It’s FREE!

Nobex Radio – Premium

Listen to premium, international content from over 16,000 stations in more than 100 countries around the world. Streaming is done either over WiFi, or through the carrier’s network. If you have problems streaming, send us an email to support@nobexinc.com and we’ll guide you how to set up the connection to the carrier network.


Menoo, redefining the way you find foods nearby. Eat, Share and Play. Menoo is a mobile application that help you find best food and drinks nearby. Serving as Restaurant Menu directories and reviews, Menoo is equipped with a lot of cool features such as sleek design, user reviews, ratings, game mechanism, map integration, complete places information, social network, and Augmented Reality. There are 250,000 places registered in menoo and more than 2,000,000 menu user can view.

Photo Booth

Have you ever wanted to have a fun photography application on your BlackBerry device? Photo Booth is inspired by those public photo booths where people can take their passport pictures. Like a film strip, the four photos are shown consecutively on a vertical strip.

Dark Galaxy

Space: the only frontier. With the Earth’s resources all but spent, humans have colonized planets in the outer rims of the galaxy. Divided as ever, they battle endlessly among themselves, each world they inhabit a barren war zone. With alliances broken as quickly as they are formed, it’s every man for himself. Do you have the will to conquer the galaxy by any means necessary? One of the best games on BlackBerry® and always FREE!

Navita Translator 

Translate-and-Speak words, phrases from e-mails, Browser, SMS or typing in the software. Navita Translator translates more than 50 languages and is capable to speak languages like English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French, German and Russian.