BlackBerry 10 made a paradigm shift with its latest handsets which was not only sleek in design but also came with a much better user interface and greater security. BlackBerry has always been at the receiving end of its customers for not being able to move with the changing times. However, BB10 has changed all that. It comes packed with amazing features as well as the enterprise security features which has successfully detected security issues before they could do harmHere are the top five security features that puts BlackBerry 10 onto the world phone market map!


The mobile data in your BlackBerry 10 smartphone is fully protected as it is encrypted with the 256-bit encryption key. BlackBerry has further upped the ante by denying any root access which will disable any hackers to get administrative access to your mobile phone. The device cannot be broken into because the background codes are regularly scrambled and the hackers will not be able to find a consistent pattern in the coding to hack into your phone.

BlackBerry Protect

This built in app that comes as a part of the BB10 operating system is capable of working together with the cloud and protects your device data. The best feature is that in case your phone is lost or stolen, you can remotely access it with the help of cloud and delete all the sensitive information as well as transfer it to your next handset effortlessly. The BlackBerry Protect feature works with the Blackberry ID, therefore, no one will be able to disable the BB Protect unless they have the ID and password to access the app.

BlackBerry Safeguard

Users now have the ability to protect all the information from any app and also from the browser. This safeguard option allows users to tweak the permissions by setting up private or public usage restrictions. This feature is exclusively available for BB10 where the users can secure their browser and cookie information.

BlackBerry Balance

BlackBerry understands the work-life balance and has introduced this cutting edge feature with BB10 that allows you to maintain two profiles for personal and professional usage. What makes this feature absolutely unique is that the information between these two profiles is never shared. Your personal information or email will not be accessible via the work profile. All your data is encrypted on both the profiles. Hence, you are able to manage the balance without ever jeopardizing the privacy. You will never have to carry two devices anymore.

Malware Prevention

BlackBerry with its latest feature provides security against the open source platforms which are likely to get hit with malware sooner or later. BB10 protects your device against any third party attacks by integrating the Trend Micro with the BlackBerry World which scans all the apps before including them to its list. If any malware is detected, they are removed before the app is downloaded.