Taking a screenshot of your BlackBerry screen has become a pretty common task. You want to share an app screen, or the weather forecast, or an embarrassing text message you just got. Whatever it is, screenshots are a must on any smartphone. As you all know, the PlayBook has a built-in screenshot feature but, sadly, smartphones don’t yet so we need a third party app for it. Maybe we’ll see it in BB10, maybe we won’t, but for now here’s what I believe are the top 5 BlackBerry screenshot apps, this time in other of awesomeness. Note that these are all great apps and you might like one more than I do, there are my personal suggestions.

5. Screen Capture

Capture your screen from any menu or by using a second alternative if the menu isn’t available. This app works, but I find it less easy to use compared to the others. You can save in JPEG or PNG formats.

Full Version for $0.99

4. Capture It

We’ve all used this one at some point. Capture It is the most simple of all screen capture apps, it has no fancy settings but it does the job, and it does it well. Best part is that it’s free, so this would be the best choice for those simply looking to take a screenshot, no more than that.

Free Version

3. Screen Shooter

Easily upload screenshot to to Facebook, BBM, send via MMS and Email. You can add a date to the screenshot when necessary and save in JPEG or PNG format. Also supports vibrate and sound alerts.

Full Version for $0.99

2. Screen Muncher

With this app you get some cool and customizable animations, convenience key settings, no watermark or sound alert (full version) and a lot more options. Save image in JPEG and PNG, BBM connected and works on every screen and app.

Free Version       |       Full Version for $2.99

1. Screen Shot

This one, though not the one I use, is what I consider the best screen shot app for BlackBerry smartphones. You get awesome features such as sharing via BBM, email, set a convenience key, three types of notifications and much more. You also get to save the image in PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF, TIFF and WBMP formats.

Free Version       |       Full Version for $0.99