Here is a unique app for BlackBerry users that often go biking, hiking, jogging, GeoCaching etc. TopoSports is the only blackberry app to offer offline topo maps, covering entire USA. It is the first wilderness navigation app for outdoor sports enthusiasts.

TopoSports app features:

  • Download 1:24K scale topo maps of any quad in US for offline usage. Maps projected for WGS84 datum and are GPS accurate for all mobile devices. Search for maps by feature name. 3500+ popular featured quads.
  • Seamless mosaicing of quads
  • Distance/Bearing tool
  • Create custom way points: Automatically using GPS or Via manual selection.
  • Geographic names layer for each quad: Searchable offline.
  • Search POIs/Way points
  • Pan/zoom/locate yourself
  • Record GPS tracks
  • Supports both built in GPS and BlueTooth
  • View tracks overlay
  • Live track animation
  • Track analytics/stats
    • Distance covered
    • Average speed
    • Maximum speed
    • Time taken
    • Pace(time taken to cover a mile or km)
    • Calorie burned
    • Vertical ascent/descent

Distance covered

  • Export tracks in GPX format to SDCard: Viewable on Google earth.
Here is a video demonstration of TopoSports

TopoSports supports almost all BlackBerry devices. These include Torch, Storm, Bold, Tour, Curve, Pearl. They support all devices running BlackBerry OS version 4.2 and above.

For more information and to download, click here.