Yesterday we reported on how several German automakers had bought Nokia’s mapping service.  Toyota announced today that they, too, intend to snub Google and Apple’s infotainment services.

It’s just, they may not have done it in the best way possible.

In their announcement today, Toyota unveiled a partnership with a relatively unknown small navigation company called TeleNav.  In an age where consumers are far more interested in smartphones and smartphone integration, this seems like a bit of a silly move.  Since Toyota will be relying on TeleNav to develop their smartphone integration, it raises a lot of questions about how well, or how reliably, their new system will work.  Reportedly, TeleNav claims they offer much the same level of service and apps from their more popular competitors, but without any distractions.

Toyota believes that partnering with TeleNav will give them a unique offering in a very competitive marketplace.  But will customers who are used, or loyal, to a specific mobile ecosystem, either Android Auto or CarPlay, be willing to give up their familiar environment for something proprietary, and different?  Given the choices new car buyers have, they may favor familiarity.