BlackBerry users are people who “Keep Moving”. Apart of successfully moving is keeping track of your personal finances. What’s the best way to do this? Allow us to introduce ySpending for BlackBerry 10.

With ySpending you can track your income and outgoing expenses. These can be indexed based on category and viewed on a day/week/month/year.

Full features of ySpending for BlackBerry 10 include:

  • Add income/expense transactions under different category
  • Add customize spending category name
  • Automatically update your app icon for easier overview
  • Add transactions quickly
  • Password protection
  • Custom Currencies Setup
  • Instant summary for today/week/month/year
  • Export to CSV through email
  • View history records and compare them
  • Graph reports months or week time periods
  • Separate graph report for income or expense alone
  • Search for transaction by name, amount, note or any of them
  • Polished UI, easy to use
  • Share results via BBM, Email, Twitter, Facebook

ySpending is also one of the most affordable finance tracking apps available. You can’t beat a price tag of only $0.99. Get ySpending for BlackBerry 10 in BlackBerry World here.