Every one knows that  I am a soccer fan and the lack of FIFA on BB10 has made me look for an alternate soccer games. Training with Messi is one of them and to my surprise it had been a BlackBerry 10 exclusive title. Last week the developer of the game released the game on iOS and even tho I am happy for my iPhone friends I felt a little sad. To my surprise I received an email from the developer letting me know that there is an exclusive version of the game for BlackBerry users only!!

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“Training with Messi’ is the only official game of the soccer superstar Lionel Messi. For a long time it was an exclusive title for BlackBerry users. We liked the fact of having such a great title as an exclusive game for BlackBerry. Like what happened with console games long time ago, you had to buy certain consoles if you wanted to play certain games. For example all the Mario titles, if you want to play with our little friend Mario you have to buy a Nintendo console. The same situation with Mario, was happening with Messi in BlackBerry. If you wanted to play with Lionel Messi, you had to have a BlackBerry. This was true till this week, when we released the title for iOS.

But to show our love to all Lionel Messi and BlackBerry fans, we crafted a Deluxe edition of the game just for BlackBerry. That will be only available for BlackBerry, you will never see this edition on any other mobile device. With enhanced gameplay. Enhanced graphics. Exclusive stages. All virtual goods unlocked. And what is most important, with a lot of love.

Some characteristics about the game:

– Native Scoreloop integration

– Compatible with all BB10 devices: Q5, Q10 and Z10. Btw it’s really cool to see a full 3D game running on a Q5 🙂

– Game for change. Part of funds go to Leo Messi Foundation, to help the kids in need in south America

I invite you all to download the game and spread the word about it 🙂

Thank you!

Ezequiel and all Rock N Roll Games team”

So there you have it !  Make sure you guys download the game and show the developer he made the right choice showing priority to the BB10 platform!