Third-party Tumblr app, Trapeez, has released an update in BlackBerry Beta Zone that adds quite a few features. There are also a few enhancements and bug fixes.

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s changed in this new release.

  • Added: Hold down to auto-reblog
  • Added: Share/save photos is back!
  • Added: Pull to refresh
  • Added: Tap author to view profile
  • Added: Create account within the app
  • Fixed: Update versioni to 1.6 to fix beta zone download issues
  • Fixed: Cannot reblog without comment
  • Fixed: Post links opening in app instead of opening in browser
  • Enhanced: Cosmetic fixes
  • Enhanced: Hide top bar

Trapeez is an app that’s been around since pretty much the beginning of BlackBerry 10, so it’s good to see that jcarty his crew are willing to keep improving the app.

The update is available in BlackBerry Beta Zone.