The beta app of Trillian for BlackBerry was well received when it first released. However, it was stricken with a few bugs, which is common in an app when in beta. Cerulean Studios, developers of Trillian, are staying on top of all the feedback they’ve been receiving and they’re making sure they fix all the known bugs.

Here is the list of the recent bug fixes:

  • ‘Auth’ contacts should be in offline group
  • AutoText support
  • BIS connection problems
  • Can’t add accounts once signed in
  • Constant Red LED
  • Double spacebar & auto caps support
  • Fix LED speed to mirror standard speed
  • Hide avatars and other internal images from BB Media app
  • LED color support
  • List control not exposing expand/collapse menu options
  • Usernames with “_” aren’t being allowed but should be
  • Improvements to battery usage 
The update should be automatically pushed to those currently testing a previous build. However, new users or those looking to update earlier can get the new version of Trillian for BlackBerry here.