S4BB Limited has released Down Tube version 1.5 on BlackBerry World and is now available to all.  Down Tube let’s you watch YouTube, Metacafe and Vimeo videos without having to wait for it to load. The app does a preload of the videos locally so you can watch them even without and internet connection. These are some of the features:

  • Quick 1 button local preloading
  • BlackBerry 10 browser integration (open menu and hit “Open in Down Tube”)
  • Queue as many preloads as you wish
  • Instant video viewing with BlackBerry 10 media player integration
  • Multi-URL support (desktop, mobile, short URLs supports)
  • Multi-Threading support (preload more than one video at a time)
  • Save video to media card (* not available for YouTube videos)
  • Notifications integrated to alert you when there is a new app update available, or new videos for your personal pleasure

Down Tube 1.5 is now available for just $1.99 on BlackBerry World.