Smarter Apps let us know that they have officially released their Twitter app for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Smarter Apps description of TweetBook:

TweetBook is designed to feel and function as a native Twitter® application for the BlackBerry® PlayBook™. This provides the user with a high quality, full-featured Twitter® experience: search, browse, send images, messages, follow your interests and friends while tweeting to your heart’s content on Twitter® with ease and simplicity.

TweetBook manages all of Twitter®’s content within sleek, rich graphics and multi-pane windows, supports multiple accounts, and receiving notifications on your PlayBook™ home screen will keep you on top of your friends, mentions and interests. TweetBook also takes advantage of the BlackBerry® PlayBook™’s built-in camera, allowing you to directly take and upload images to your tweets – it couldn’t be simpler!

Some features of TweetBook include:

  • Multi-Pane Window Design
  • DM Notifications (BlackBerry® PlayBook™ Home Screen)
  • Mention Notifications (BlackBerry® PlayBook™ Home Screen)
  • Threaded Messaging
  • Camera Support
  • Search Support
  • Picture Uploading
  • Portrait and Landscape functionality
  • Multiple Account Support
TweetBook is currently $4.99 and available in BlackBerry App World here.